Ergonomic SignMakerTable

The SignMakerTable are very strong and stand on antistatic wheels, which makes the table easily movable. You can lock the wheels, which helps you to get a safe work table.

You can adjust the height between 84 and 114 cm. This allows all users to work at the perfect height. The control panel is available on both sides of the table.

The table can also be tilted at an angle up to 22 degrees. This function gives you the opportunity to always work ergonomic correct.


Which model is right for you?

SignMakerTable Large

SignMakerTable Large

SignMakerTable X-Large

SignMakerTable X-Large

The SignMakerTables functions

The table has a 5mm cutting sheet, that allows you to cut directly on the table and it will slowly heals itself again. That way, the table lasts longer and is easy to work with. The table comes with a roll holder, that you can use for application tape, foil or print. That makes working with materials much easier.

The table has a built-in battery, that makes it possible to operate in places without power. You can use the battery for one week, and then you need to charge it again. The table has a memory setting, which allows you to set it to a specific height, and then the table will remember that.

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