Weed Transfer – effortless!

Normally weeding transfer takes lots of time and effort, but by using the TW17 Transfer Weeder you can save up to 90 % of your time! The transfer Weeder uses heat to gently loosen the transfer from the liner, while peeling the transfer neatly onto a cardboard tube.

When full the cardboard tube can be reused by cutting the transfer off. Alternativly the old tube can be easily replaced by a new. No matter what you chose, you’ll get much better control of your waste.

You can easily change the temperature of your Transfer Weeder, to accommodate a wide variety of transfer materials. Save time and get control of your excess transfer!

TW17 transferweeder product


Tips for using your TW17

Start a new job

When reaching the end of your job, and you have to load the next job into your TW17, place a long piece of double sided tape across the cardboard tube and the rolled up excess transfer. This way you have something to stick the new job to, without having to change the tube.

Cutting your transfer

When cutting your transfer, make sure to adjust the knife pressure. The knife should cut into the liner, without cutting through. Depending on the kind of transfer and the kind of graphics you want to cut (small letters, big logos etc.) make sure to use the best kind of knife for your job. Make sure the cutting rail is aligned and not worn out.

Aligning your graphic

To hold a steady grip in the transfer during weeding, align your graphics so that ‘openings’ gets through the machine first. This produces the best and the fastest result.

TW17 temperatures