VR15 Tip 1 – Peeling letters (English)

VR15 Tip 2 – Handling waste (English)

VR15 Tip 3 – Change the Core (English)

VR15 Tip 4 – Direction (English)

VR15 Tip 5 – Labels (English)

VR15 Tip 6 – Print n’ Cut (English)

VR15 Tip 7 – Cleaning (English)

VR15 Tip 8 – Adjusting (English)

More tips for better Vinyl Removing

NOTE: The VR15 is a groundbreaking tool to greatly speed up the process of vinyl stripping. “An extra pair of hands”.
Anything you normally weed by hand will be easier, quicker and more efficien with the VR15

These are a few important factors that will effect how well your vinyl vil strip.

The quality of the vinyl: when you consider the high cost of labor in vinyl stripping, it’s well woth the extra cost to purchase a high quality name brand vinyl.
The age of the vinyl will become brittle. Also, always strip the vinyl soon after it is cut… in warm weather the adheasive may tend to rejoin.

Cutting blade condition is important, as is your plotter cutting pressure, the quality of the plotter, cutting software, speed of cut, and often overlooked, the vondition og the plotters “cutting strip”. Let it be noted however, that whatever the above conditions, the VR15 will be a great improvement over stripping vinyl by hand.

The direction in which you begin can be a factor, as letters work best to strip from right to left, and numbers from left to rigth.

Small letters or images is best stripped by using a high quality cast (high performance) vinyl.

Vinyl remover stripping vinyl

Any standard 3″ cardboard tube (the core of new vinyl) can be used to cover the “collector spool” of your VR15. The 3″ inside dimension of the tubes may vary slightly with different manufactures, causing the tube to fit loosely. This is solved by inserting a screw anywhere trough the cardboard tube. The metal fins of the collector core will prevent slippage.

The VR15 does not remove unconnected centers. As with hand stripping, some letterstyles and images will be more difficult to strip, but as you continue to use the VR15 you will find that even with small or complex letterstyles, it will greatly speed the time you spend stripping.