Stop wasting time

Vinyl Remover VR15 strips away your excess vinyl from any plotter and print ‘n cut. Your VR15 can be
mounted directly at the end of any worktable or flatbed laminators like RollsRoller, RollX or CWT.

Not only does your Vinyl Remover VR15 save you op to 70 % of the time you would have spent stripping vinyl
by hand – it even keeps your excess vinyl away from your cut out graphic while neatly collecting all
excess vinyl on a roll.

By using a Vinyl Remover you can be sure to avoid mistakes – You can even leave the machine in the
middle of a job and answer your phone, without any damage to your cut out vinyl. Peeling vinyl has
never been faster or easier!

Vinyl Remover VR15


Which model is right for you?

VR15 85 classic
Width: 850mm
incl. mediaroller
Price: €1.395,00

VR15 143 classic
Width: 1430mm
incl. mediaroller
Price: €1.595,00

VR15 170 classic
Width: 1700mm
incl. mediaroller
Price: €1.795,00

Accessories for your VR15

Vinyl Remover VR15 table stand

Table stand

Put your VR15 on the table and make it removable. The table stand will replace the mediaroller in the package as they can’t be used in combination

Media Counter

Upgrade your VR15 with the Media Counter, for easy measuring og any kind
of vinyl.

VR15 introduction